Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, Guess What? Turns Out We Are A Bunch of Racist Fucktards

Have I been in the bubble of a blue state too long? I drank the Kool Aid (why isn't anyone protesting this reference to the Jonestown Massacre, we in the Bay Area should know better) after watching Obama's speeches early this year. He got me he really did and still does. I actually feel inspired to maybe get off my lazy ass and work for his campaign, starting with a bumper sticker and another 5 dollar donation. Unfortunately,(and god knows I, like a bunch of folks white, black and whatever, should have had a clue as to how bad it was going to be)we are still a nation full of racist bastards.
Calling the man a Muslim is the least of his problems. If he hasn't been filled full of sniper rounds (please God do forbid this)he'll have a couple of trumped up rape charges and thousands of illegitimate crack addicted children on his neo con rap sheet by October at the latest. That's if the Clintons haven't stolen the nomination with moves (given freely) from the Karl Rove playbook. The Clintons now have soiled their legacy so badly that it is irreparable. The worst kind of racist to me is one who mouths anti-racist statements but takes racist action on the other. Calling a black American elitist is a hard sell but they did it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Robert Downey Jr.: Back from the Brink -

Robert Downey Jr.: Back from the Brink -
Robert Downey, Jr., star of the upcoming Iron Man movie, is alive and doing well, which is great news for his fans. This piece begins like many similar profiles of Downey, exploring the actor's resurrection from his well-publicized fall into addiction. But despite the article's title it doesn't pander to tabloid sensibilities. Keegan gets to the heart of the matter: that the actor is no longer defined by the labels of "recovering guy" or "ne'er-do-well."
in Time by Rebecca Winters Keegan, 25 APril 2008
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Monday, April 14, 2008

neurotic dreams of the never be Rich never be Famous

Gonna get these mothers
no drama no dreams of Ethiopia sitting in a lounge waiting for the injera to arrive
swaddled in silk
I'll never see that
wishing for things I don't want like tours of every Podunk pitiful nightclub in the USA
motorcycles that tear down buildings with their exhaust
french girls that cry when I leave
disposable Rolex watches
and diamond laser lights shooting out of my eyes toward the heavens as I am internationally known
for being "Lost in Prayer"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

el veterano

beautiful tan suede fedora
beautiful black and white checkered wool coat
fat and classy gold rings with onyx inlays
wing tips
slacks with killer crease
wire rim glasses
motherfucker was shit sharp
eating four grams of black tar heroin per day
cannot inject via intra muscular anymore
too tore up from abcesses
does not smoke
does not drink
67 years old
5o years of heroin addiction
the original
original gangster

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

death by mistake

a patient who could have been me died of an infection he got during a funfilled 5 day relapse. Death came weeks afterward, after his "wake up call." after his last roll of the junkie dice, thought he'd gotten away with a taste one last time. In his death I am reminded, the game is rigged.