Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Momma n' Junior

6 hours later I found them at the back of the Target store. Junior was dragging Momma through the toy section and stopping to explain to her about every single toy in the store. They might have spent an hour just in the GI JOE section what with the way Junior was going on and on. Momma listened intently to every word he said , shaking her head of gray curls in amazement, at the in depth descriptions the 4 year old boy gave her. Momma had no idea how long they'd been in there , each item was a brand new world to her, time was so unimportant now. What Junior knew was that Grandma loved to hear him tell her about everything and it made him feel important. He loved that feeling and he loved his Grandma cause she was never too busy to listen to him. I sidled up to them quietly, Momma recognized me for a split second and whispered in my ear as Junior tugged on her hand.
"What's this little boys name? He's cute little bugger but I think he's lost."

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