Thursday, March 6, 2008

My confirmation saint was St Louis

People laughed in the church when I said it, but I was confirmed. Turns out St.Louis was more than a bit of a douche bag, who bought his sainthood with the blood of peasants. Technically that means I'm still a catholic boy and I definitely still get turned on by catholic girls. My goddaughter has asked me to be present at her baptism, which I am happy to do, but I'm anything but a christian in my heart. Christianity as defined by modern society is a total fucking crock if you ask me. Based on a bible directed by an English king with an agenda of subjugation it is generally rotten. Anyone who claims to take that version or any version of the bible literally should go to hell just for believing that crap. So I suppose I am a lapsed catholic or so far gone I'm a prolapsed catholic.
My first confession the priest was drunk and yelled at me for stumbling over the words saying something like "Goddamnit your supposed to know this fore you come in here!"In his slurry Irish brogue. Thank you Father Casey, I hope you died of cirrhosis.

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