Wednesday, March 26, 2008

old story ideas no 1

The battle of marin County in the year 2025,I switched my mountain wheels for road from a stash near Whites Hill. It really saved time when you had to use surface roads, most of the squad were ok using road on most trails. but for the more extreme spots. If you really wanted to hide you need to go to the deep spots that only a mountain bike could get to. I adjusted my smart bars back to drops and set off down Sir Fances Drake in the dark, whizzing along with my tires making there special hum, but no lights til Sausalito at least. My sniper weapon was folded up in my pack but my side arm was strapped to the small of my back in a protective case that deflected the Metal detectors. Most times if you walked in a store and the buzzers went off nobody even looked twice but if the invaders were patrolling close by you'd get a mean stare and people would whisper " hey Resister, you trying to get us killed, we support you but cant you stay in the hills" I would casually reply " Mans gotta eat limon' sorbetto whats he gonna do, suck on a Lemon, how gauche. " I still had a thing for marinites.Their homes still looked great but the lack of fresh paint was telling.

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