Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Myspace blog in its entirety, ridiculous it is

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Yall can just go F_CK Yourselves Current mood: pissed off
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Thass right I said It Bitches as of 2 am this morning every motherfuckin one a y'all is on my permanent shitlist
I'm going back to the trenches 9th and O st NW DC
Belmont and 15th NW DC
11th and I SE DC
Georgia Avenue DC
7th Ave Lower East Side Manhattan
Turk and Taylor Tenderloin
I like fat 20 dollar bags of china white cut with quinine and the occasional dime of shake caine to throw in the cooker
Blue Top Works please
32 oz Heine in my left hand
Oz of weed and a 3 foot graphix in my right hand
3 cell phones in my jacket
Triple Beamin Money Schemin
They call me Mother Fuckin Johnny Lightskin
AKA Go Go Chilly Love
32 Automatic in my sock
Try to take my shit you will get dropped
I'm not playin
I'm not playin
Dont push me cause I'm already over the edge
Motherfuckers, every last goddamn one of ya
Currently listening : We Cant Be Stopped By Geto Boys Release date: 25 April, 1995
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Monday, April 30, 2007
Updates to my fabulous life Current mood: ecstatic
1. Passed the Hep C test technically cured, hard to believe but true.
2. Divorce papers filed stll living together mostly amicable, ex wife to be has a boyfriend (4 months), I'm absolutely ecstatic, helped me to move on instantaneously, not jealous at all, blood would have spilled otherwise.
3 Bought a Harley Sportster 883r 2006 brand new on 4/26 has 350 miles on it already, lovin' it.
4. Back on the dating scene after 14 year hiatus, y'all should lock up your womenfolk.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
where the hell have I been? Part 1
I'm going to try and recap the last 20 years or so of my life so I can pass this on to all the friends I've recently connected with. This will be the short version, too much has happened to really get into precise details.
I think I'll start from the present and go backwards.
March 22 2007
I live in a house that I own with my current wife (Syntha) in Vallejo, CA that we bought 2 years ago. We are filing for divorce but so far it's an amicable split and we both feel better having made this decision.We have been married for 7 years. She is a Marriage Family Therapist with a masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. I work for University of California San Francisco Dept of Psychiatry, Division of Substance Abuse and Addiction Medicine as counselor with the title of Social Work Associate. I mainly work in the area of Opiate Replacement Therapy at San Francisco General Hospital and various city clinics. I've been in this field of social services/ mental health/ drug counseling for over 11 years. Clean for almost 13 years. I also have a small business selling data networking and telecom supplies online on ebay and in my web stores ( and that I hope to turn into a full time job. We have 2 dogs Skipper and Ginger that are our surrogate children. :)
Prior to Vallejo I lived in SF for about 14years, mainly in the mission or noe valley or south park. I raced road bikes (bicycles) for about 5 years (masters cat3) but stopped when I moved to Vallejo. I recently completed 11 months of chemotherapy for the Hepatitis C virus which I've had for at least 15 years. I find out this week whether the treatment was successful it was one of the hardest times of my life recently but no matter what the outcome it was worth it in terms of learning how strong I can be if I have to.
More to follow
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