Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Please do not read my blog

I am feeling the need to expose myself so watch out. I will not however, vomit emotional spew just for the sake of showing off my technicolor yawn of a psyche, but I will try to censor myself as little as possible. My LIFE, in the past three years I have bought a house, done a year of chemo thereby kicking the Hepatitis C Virus, and seperated from my Ex Wife To Be (I'll save the bitter rant for another post, thank your lucky stars). We have been seperated for over a year and are in mediation to figure out the financial details. I suffer from clinical depression and ADHD (see my blog on that which I have not updated since november, ugh)http://unitedadhd.blogspot.com/. Both of these maladies are a source of pride not shame, by the way. Recently, like this week my migraines returned in force, hoo fucking ray. I believe that the average man would have been crushed by what I've gone through but I am not average, not necessarily superior but not average by a long shot. I am a struggler who has to fight for everything even the small things that I think others get to take for granted. Writing is helping, writing will not pay my bills I am not in competition with Norman Mailer, but I have stories to tell that are clogging up my mental hard drive.

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