Thursday, February 28, 2008

Repost of an email from my father, WWFS What Would Freud Say?

"Your joke is very funny.It reminds me of something that happened 14 years ago. I first heard it in a Holiday Inn where I was staying in May, 1994 in Colorado Springs. I was due to make a talk to a group who's annual meeting was in a estaurant at the top of Pike's Peak. The guy who told me the tale was an elderly busboy, cleaning up after morning coffee.

I realized that I had left my medicine kit at home in Alexandria and went back to my room to call my doctor back home. He told me that it was a serious problem and to get the name of a pharmacy and call him back with the pharmacist's phone no. Idid so.

The drug store was located a couple of miles away in a strip mall. I went there and got the medication. Upon leaving I saw a black and white dog running around in the back of a pick-up and as it was a cute critter, I went over to pet it. When I did, 15 year old girl ran out of a Dairy Queen. She said, "Mr. Doyou want that dog? You can have it." Isaid , "What's wrong with it?" She said "Nothing. It was running around the parking lot and I thought it might get hit, so I put it in my truck.

I said, "I ppassed a city dog pound yesterday. It's right where I'm have to turn to go to Pike's Peak. I'll take the dog there and leave it off." So I did.

The story gets more intriguing. As I approached the dog pound my passenger went berserk, JUmping and howliing from front to back. It appeared to me that this was not the first time this particular animal had worked this trick. He had been here before and did not like it.Determined to rid myself of this wild beast, I grabbed his collar with my right index finger and dragged him into the parking lot where the dog began spinning around and broke my finger in three places. God. did it hurt.

On my way up to Pikes Peak, I spotted a "doc- in-a- box" establishment and pulled in. I could hardly drive, my finger hurt so much.The Doc fixed me up and told me to see my regular doctor back home then turned me loose to resume my trip up the mountain.

When I got to the restaurant I learned I was too late to give my talk and since was in cardiac rehab back home, I was wearing a purple work-out suit (I had intended to use the work out room before the speech.) The attendees listened to my tale of woe and I left to retreat down the mountain.

Now, here's the part that causes me never to forget your joke, or everyhing else that happened that day: as I drove down Pike's Peak, a mountain over 10,000 feet in elevation -- where I had planned to exerciise that day -- I passed a sign that said 5,800 ft. Suddenly I recalled my heart specialist telling me that my five bypasses were likely to fail if I ever Iexcercised at more than 5,000 feet!

Since the Dairy Queen girl had introduced me the dog which may have saved my life, I went back there to tell her how the day went and get her name. I diid both. And when she told me her name I was sure I had a of morestory for a religious magaziine. Her name is Angel."

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