Monday, February 25, 2008

Stop censoring myself now!

That is my message to me today. I started a new blog hoping to increase my writing skills and in a peak of hypo mania sent links to my blog to mi familia and friends. Friends were OK, familia , not so much. That's mainly my problem because I am cutting short my blog entries because I'm already anticipating them reading it and so I am not posting what is on my brilliant mind. Wrong, wrong wrong. I believe if you are honest and let the chips fall where they may without being cruel or manipulative than you cannot go wrong. This self honesty crap is harder than I thought, Goddamnit.
In other news: The judicious use of commas is an art form and I am in agreement with a certain former so and so that correct spelling is sexy, damn sexy.

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Mollena said...

Censoring yourself is so the anti-blog.

I have gotten some singeing from posting my own meanderamblings. But that is what life is. If it really is too stressful for people to read what you are compelled to share, it might behoove them to protect themselves and not imbibe of that particular fountain that pours from your inner landscape.

Now pardon me.

I am going to go talk shit on my blog about you for quoting your ex in your blog post. :-P




PS Kidding!



PPPS Psyche!